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Storytel was published by Dmitry Glukhovsky about post -apocalyptic Russia

On April 20, 2021, the international service of the Storytel audiobook was published by the new audio unit Dmitry Glukhovsky “Fast. Save yourself and save “. This is a continuation and completion of the story told in the first Russian audio -sequence “Post”, which was released in StoryTel two years ago.

Reliably protected from all sides by security posts and Cossack troops, there is a thousand -year -old Moscow. Inside three rings of Moscow defense and behind the Kremlin wall – the palace. In the palace, the emperor awards the best of the best, brave of the brave, the color of the officer corps, support and the hope of the throne.

They have to leave the elegant, removed by Michael’s Day of the Archangel of the capital and go to the dark lands, which were once part of the great Russia until they were seized with the rebellion and they were not devoted anathematized.

But before there, beyond the muddy Volga, for the impenetrable veil of the fog, the Cossack units will go, you need to understand: where all the scouts died and why border posts fell silent? A boy who did not want to teach a story is known about this, and a girl pregnant from a murdered Cossack. Only now they will have time to tell?

“The second part of the“ post ”, whose action unfolds in Russia, is devoted to the topics of historical continuity and heritage of the past, children’s responsibility for the affairs of the fathers and the indestructibility of evil,” comments the writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. – “Fast” is a series as if fantastic, but in our country there are many more fantastic stories than the plot of this thing. It seems to be about the future, but the future in Russia is often similar to the past.

And finally, this is a story about the power of a word – both written and mentioned. About the power that can overthrow the continents into chaos, but can save and save “.

All 11 episodes of the audio unit are available for listening. The work was voiced by Dmitry Glukhovsky himself. The sound design of the series uses folklore music performed by Omut Quartet choir under the guidance of the musical producer Konstantin Nekrasov, and one of the compositions in an unusual manner was performed by the famous opera singer Aida Garifullina.

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