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Is Gordon Ryan on Steroids? Fans Find Evidence as They Throw Shade at Gordon Ryans BJJ Legacy

Is Gordon Ryan on Steroids? Fans Find Evidence as They Throw Shade at Gordon Ryans BJJ Legacy

Yuri complained multiple times about him greasing, Felipe complained multiple times about him greasing. I wore a long sleeve rash guard specifically only for the match against him at ADCC because I was worried about greasing. Derek of More Plates More Dates has become a leading voice on YouTube when it comes to talking about performance-enhancing…

  • As we all know Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a sport is filled with the most cranked looking athletes in it.
  • In a recent appearance on Mark Bell’s Power Project, Rodriguez was asked to speak about his former Danaher Death Squad teammate and what makes him so good.
  • Doing this will help him put an end to the rumors and compete fairly.
  • He revealed his stomach issues got exacerbated after the whole ordeal.
  • Therefore, it is not fair to accuse any athlete without solid evidence.

There is a high chance other factors such as lighting, posing, pump, diet intake, and camera trickery play a part in highlighting image contrast. It could also be his physique returning back to his original body composition, which would not have been possible had he not been in excellent shape in the first place. As a BJJ contender, Ryan formed a team of all-stars under coach Danaher, aptly named The Danaher Death Squad.

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You barely beat Roberto Jimenez, the guy I called my submission (on),” Ryan said. “If you actually follow statistics, he sucks,” Ryan said about former teammate Nicky Rodriguez, who now represents the B-Team. He went on to belittle Rodriguez’s tournament win and opposition, which includes his New Wave teammate Dan Manasoiu. In the ADCC, Gordon Ryan has recently gone on a tirade against Lachlan Giles. The two have been fighting for a while, but the recent spat has left Giles with stomach pain. Then, he posted a post on Instagram about his use of PEDs in BJJ.

As he’s wont to do, Ryan wasted no time in firing back on social media. After a close and competitive regulation period, Ryan defeated Rodriguez by way of control time in overtime. In a recent Instagram post, Gordon Ryan shared a jacked body transformation showing off his huge build after seemingly recovering from his previous update. Earlier this year, Ryan pulled out of his scheduled outing with Pena due to his battle with stomach issues. He revealed that he suffered a serious case of Strep throat as a result of taking penicillin in May. As his stomach issues worsened, surgery was required to fix his deviated septum.

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Nick Rodriguez recently spoke about Gordon Ryan’s use of steroids. The match between Felipe Pena and Nicky Rodriguez stirred a lot of controversy – on whether or not Rodriguez has been greasing. Kenny KO believes Logan Paul is using more than his Prime Hydration sports drinks to prepare for his upcoming boxing… Stereotypes make athletes seem uneducated, rude, and not polite. The world looks at achievement groups critically, judging them too much.

He appeared to have lost a significant amount of muscle mass and looked downsized in a major way. In a recent Instagram post, Ryan sparked rumors of potential steroid use after he shared another physique update with an absolutely ripped midsection. There may not be another individual in Jiu-Jitsu that is more polarizing than Eddie Bravo. After his 2003 submission over Royler Gracie, he went on to start a new “brand” on the Jiu-Jitsu scene, the 10th planet. The 10th planet now becomes one of the biggest teams in the Jiu-Jitsu world.

‘Steroids are not illegal in jiujitsu’ – Gordon Ryan declines USADA call out from UFC FPI 4

He has been training for over ten years and currently holds the rank of brown belt, and remains involved in both the MMA and BJJ scene. He has interviewed and profiled some of MMA’s biggest stars, including multiple UFC champions. At the time of this article’s publishing, Gordon Ryan’s combat sports career is uncertain due to a number of health issues. Most notable is an auto-immune disorder that causes food to stay in his stomach for extended periods of time. The ADCC has no proof that a fighter is using PEDs, but Ryan has vowed to stay as clean as possible. While Ryan is a big name in BJJ, his use of steroids in his sport has not been confirmed by the AAF.

Gordon Ryan, as the photo above partly shows, went from a really good 160 lb. He did achieve that greatness that he wants, being a five-time ADCC champ, and now considered as one of the best no gi grapplers of all time. Performance Enhancing Drugs aren’t illegal in BJJ, and it’s interesting that Gordon Ryan holds a contrasting view on the matter compared to most in other sports. “I think what happened in ADCC was pretty clear,” Gordon Ryan said.

He revealed his stomach issues got exacerbated after the whole ordeal. Yeah Gordon Ryan is the best at what he does, but he’s also a fuckin asshole. “The last time I was this size (201 lbs, 20+lbs this week) I was 21 years old,” Ryan wrote. He last weighed in at 227 lbs for his match against Felipe Peña last year.

Starting last week, Gordon Ryan opened up his audience on the various health issues that has him out of competition indefinitely. A strep infection caught during Dubai trip led to ineffective antibiotics, and an extended hospital stay for an ear infection. These infections caused a relapse of Ryan’s stomach ulcers, creating more pain and weight loss. Ryan’s new stature comes after tonsillitis surgery last week, leaving him looking much closer to his early competitive days. Ben has been involved with grappling, whether through wrestling or Brazilian jiu-jitsu, essentially his entire life. After wrestling throughout his childhood, Ben found Brazilian jiu-jitsu as a young adult and quickly fell in love.

Plus, his flexibility lets him pull off moves that need a huge range of motion. Therefore, the competition is fair at the highest levels even with steroid and PED use. Former teammate and Gordon’s 2022 ADCC World Championship finals opponent Nicky Rodriguez accuses Gordon Ryan of steroid use. “The reason people watch professional sports is almost exclusively for entertainment value. Few people who watch pro sports have any real desire to excel at those same sports, so really, they are just watching for the most entertainment. “If the UFC ‘regresses’ back to the old days, this is amazing news,” Gordon Ryan wrote on social media.